Case Studies

Role Models Q1 2023

Q1 YOY revenue up 3.5 times vs 2022

  • Sourced a new fertile revenue stream leveraging some of the key brand credentials in a new market
  • Built strong partnership and process to help educate the target audience and ultimately translated into sales
  • Paid digital ads generated effective return on ad spend – this was a new success for the company. This has helped reach new customers beyond the target audience in the region
  • Generated inbound partnership enquiries following concerted presence in the region


  • Web redesign and personalisation
  • Brand Activations to build
  • Paid ads across digital platforms to reach new customers
  • Emails unpacking the proposition to build database and drive purchase

CIGMA Accounting 23

91% customers from new digital channels. Up 33% year on year.

  • Identified new customer channels to help reduce previously dependable channels
  • These new customer channels represented 91% of revenue during Q2. Most creative ideas had not been implemented meaning, a fresh approach including bigger customers spending more
  • Created brand identity giving premium and credible feel, driving action in new channels
  • Built a dashboard to monitor performance to provide accountability to the marketing and sales team inclusive of historic activity
  • Optimised website to improve performance with a view to building out a better customer experience as well as improving SEO


  • Web redesign and optimisation
  • Results dashboard & new monthly company wide reporting
  • Paid ads across digital platforms to reach new customers
  • Emails to sell to the base, cold and warm leads

Role Models Q2

Marketing: Q2 results.

£133K generated from online transactions – April to June

Traffic sources driven mainly from:

In person

  • 187 children attended on foreign soil Jan – march
  • 0 in the UK
  • Partnerships highly effective with ME schools, Saudi particularly
  • Paid digital ads generating effective return on ad spend in Saudi (new)
    • Most effective comms come via school and reflected in attendance
  • Repositioned the process as a partnership with shared revenue; webinar, staff training, Solus email send and regular newsletter presence (easier)
  • Solid pipeline of prospective foreign school partners


  • Spent – £964.40 (Jan – £22.73 Feb – £131.72 March – £809.95)
  • Acquired emails – 1216 emails
  • Cost per email – 79 pence per email
  • Acquired 41 new activators. CPA – £23.52
  • Lost 14 customers.
  • Total MC customers – 51
  • 12/03 – we dropped the trial period.
  • Effective drivers; webinar, my family care, direct traffic and then action from the weekly newsletter

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