To maintain Role Model’s authority in the character education space, we have created brand content that has been used across different marketing channels; more specifically a podcast. Listeners are unlikely to come across your podcast in the early days, it is the short form video content more conducive to the typical social platforms that are invaluable to growth. Even if you are blessed with a huge budget, you will get a bigger reach in this shorter form content space. You can read more about higher spec video here.

A lot of brands don’t have the privilege of operating in a high interest category. The solution for brands in less interesting categories is to own a narrative or notion that your brand stands for, or a feeling it provides its customers. Bring this to life through story telling. The territories could be any number of things, but advisable to tap into a human need or emotion that is desirable. See the importance of that here. Having some personality will give you a point of difference among your competition and resonate with your target audience, persuading them – you are the brand to ‘go with’. Currently, it’s widely accepted that advertising has become too serious… “are you not entertained?!” or more accurately, are you not memorable?

Fortunately, Role Model’s work is important and the content relatable because everyone has been to school, or you might be a parent. Overall this makes it quite accessible. It has been great to see different and important sound bites materialise organically from a variety of guests. The advocacy of your product or service from elsewhere is also a welcome break from having to bang your own drum too.

The benefit from this podcast/ interview is that can be repurposed for social media with snippets of conversation. In the paid (and organic) space, video will perform best; because (naturally) the platforms want to their users to be entertained, engaged and spend more time on them. Frankly, it’s pretty cheap too; that’s not to say that going the extra mile with the editing won’t help improve performance.

From a copy perspective, there is also an opportunity to reflect on this event in your own words, via email comms to your database and as a blog on your website. Using links to your site or social pages to the clips again.

In this instance, conscious that we encouraged a load more client work, we knew the sales had to justify this time investment. Return on ad spend has been very favourable over recent key weeks proving the benefits of building the audience at the top and middle of funnel through quality content with targeted media strategy. If your product or service is seasonal, you have a natural timeline for building out your funnel to drive sales. Immediacy in the copy will also help as you build to the key sales window.

You can test the effectiveness of video in paid using Meta’s video montage of static images. Despite being very elementary, you’ll see that this generates better results than most other ad formats.

Investing time in the process is crucial to generating results, so patience is key, as well as having quality content.

Check out the Role Models content here.

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