Performance Marketing

Brand Identity 

Discover the importance of local and personal service for smaller businesses and how it contributes to building credibility. Explore the value of human connection in enhancing customer experience and acquiring referrals. Find out how SMEs can strike a balance between innovation and profitability, focusing on small adjustments for long-term success.

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Discover the long-term benefits of SEO and how it helps build brand authority while lowering acquisition costs. Explore the various workstreams and benefits of SEO, including improved keyword rankings, increased organic traffic, enhanced website visibility, and accurate tracking through tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. Learn how a strengthened backlink profile contributes to improved search engine rankings. At CardenRowe, we provide comprehensive SEO services with regular monitoring, analysis, and reporting to showcase the value and commercial benefits of our service.


Copywriting & Lead Generation

Discover the common challenge of brand language leading to a disconnect with customers and the impact it has on lead generation. Learn how addressing this issue and using customer evidence and language can enhance communication, generate leads, and drive purchase. Explore the importance of creating a seamless customer journey, leveraging high-quality content, and ensuring accountability for return on investment.

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Discover the often overlooked benefits of incorporating video into your marketing plan. Learn how video helps businesses articulate their proposition concisely, showcase everyday benefits, and build clarity. Explore the impact of video on generating website traffic, improving engagement, and increasing conversions. If you're not using video on your site or leveraging it to drive traffic, now is the time to start.

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